Coronavirus community help

Are you unable to or concerned about leaving your home because of Coronavirus? Do you need someone to help with errands because you are in isolation? Are you missing human interaction during these uncertain times or feeling a little anxious and would welcome a chat? We are here to help.

We are a group of residents on the Vanbrugh Park Estate (coordinated by the Residents’ Committee) who are coming together to help the community during a difficult time.

We would like to support the estate’s residents and ensure we are taking care of each 
other as a community.

If you would like to speak to us, or want to ask for help please find contact info below 
and we can talk about what we can do to support you.

VPE WhatsApp group

Phone number

07946 507303


The Vanbrugh Park Estate WhatsApp group can be used to support each other during these isolating times. Use it to reach out to each other, share information and connect.

If you would like to join us to help out with supporting the community please use the above contact information.

Data privacy

We will need some contact information to provide support: name, phone number, address, and an emergency contact number if you want to give one. This information will be added to a spreadsheet which will only be accessible with people on the estate who have volunteered to help out. It will be stored securely and managed by Louis Alexander. You can ask this person to remove your contact details at any time and the document will be destroyed 3 months after it is last needed.